Thursday, February 7, 2008

Heated Seats and new battery 2.4.08

Adrian and I checked the switches, wiring etc and it seems likely that the elements are bad. I need to see if I can at least replace the drivers seat. I also had to replace the battery. I tried to charge it but that didn't help I kept getting stranded. Anyway, luckily I found a warranty receipt in the glove box and it saved me 20$ on a replacement.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

01.24.08 Replaced front axle shafts

The car was still making some nasty noises in the front suspension such that I was scared to drive it. I took it in to Jeff's and figured it was the passenger CV joint. It turns out they were both bad and they were replaced. Suspension is much better with no horrendous noises emanating out of the front in. $423.00
forgot to have him check the master brake cylinder as I think it needs to be replaced. In stop and go with regular use the brakes fade to the floor and will only work with pumping.

12.13.08 Oil change

I have decided it would be a good idea to add maintenance and repairs to the blog so I can see what I have done and when. So this is the first oil change. I also thought that maybe the wheel bearings were bad but they checked out fine. After talking with Jeff it is likely the CJ joints/axle and I will have to take it in then. Got off pretty easy. $40

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Friday, March 23, 2007

To Do List:

1. front grille replace
2. heated seats diagnose no heat probelm and replace switch
3. air conditioning check to see if needs recharge
4. replace carpet
5. seat covers for all seats
6. adjust clutch
7. CV boot drivers side replace
8. Shocks all the way around
9. fill brake fluid
10. fill antifreeze
11. fix dent drivers door
12. fix scratch front bumper
13. replace trunk flooring cover
14. fix trunk side covers
15. replace rear side marker lens
16. clean wheels
17. replace hoses/belts as needed
18. add straps to boot cover to keep in place
19. clean headliner
20. clean all plastic pieces
21. replace passenger door handle
22. sell humongous dual 10 in subwoofer box and amp in trunk replace with 6x9 speakers
23. clean all windows inside/out
24. fix seats so they slide better
25. attach alarm horn so it is not flopping in the engine cab
26. clean floor mats
27. attach rear seat correctly
28. clean trunk area and area under rearseat.
29. add CH sticker (a must have for all VW's since the 86 GTI all VW's have been thus adorned)
30. replace door trim on drivers interior side
31. Fix seat belt on the passenger side so not twisted.
32. replace cigarettelighter
unt unt unt..................................

This is what I could remember from the time spent going over the car. There are likely many other things as yet to be discovered especially in the mechanical department. To be continued.

The story of the No Roof Car

Once upon a time a family decide that they did not need two nice fancy cars in the garage but rather they should sell one of the cars and buy a cheaper car for around town. This car should get good gas mileage and be a fun car. So the dad said I know I have always wanted a convertible and this is the time to buy a classic car and restore it and keep it for 20 years and sell it and make a small fortune or keep it and pass it down the family.

In his growing up years the dad's dad had just a car like this. It was a 1954 black MGTF.

This is not the actual car but this is the same color and style. We loved the car and had great fun taking short jaunts in it. Unfortunately, one day it was sold as the price was right and now it is worth 30xs what it was purchased for new and 6x more then he sold it for used.

Now the other bit of nostalgia is that the first car the dad had was a roofed version of the no roof car. This car is no longer around and while it is not the favorite car the dad has ever had it is one that was well loved.

I will admit to more then a little buyers remorse after the car was purchased. For starters this meant the dad was going to have to sell his current fairly new somewhat customized to his liking sporty turbocharged car for a car with less then 60% of the horsepower of his current cushy car. There have also been a number of improvements in the 10 years that span the two cars. And the new car is not in mint condition. Far from it. It has potential but needs mild restoration. Anyone who knows the dad knows that the car is a VW and he found after some looking that the car to get would be a 1993 VW Cabriolet Collectors Edition with all of the bells and whistles that a 93 VW had including: heated leather seats, air conditoning, cruise control and other things.

The place to look when trying to locate a car like this is craigslist and I found one only 2 states away in WA. It was low miles 76,000 and in reasonable shape. We brought it home and have already started on the project. So far we replace the trunk deck as it was in bad shape. We fixed the turn signals and a few other lights not functioning. We have identified the need for new front shocks and a new CV boot. We have ordered a new door handle and need to locate a new front grille.

The idea behind the blog is to document our progress in restoring this little "No Roof Car" from a semi wornout convertible back to its glory days. It should be a fun project and a fun little runabout for the family. As you can tell this purchase was "for the family' as all purchases should be.

Pictures will follow.